You are the information technology senior analyst at your company.


You are the information technology senior analyst at your company. Your company can be a real business where you work or a virtual business that you would like to start. In both cases, you should be familiar with the business environment and the nature of work performed at your selected company. If you need help with selecting an appropriate company, please contact your instructor.

Your CEO meets with you and assigns you the following tasks, which you will assemble in a written report to the CEO:

  • Review the company’s infrastructure and identify of all types of vulnerabilities: environmental, physical, and human.
  • Suggest and discuss security models that can be used to overcome the associated security risks.
  • Design a robust security plan for the company.
  • Design a code of ethics related to the IT profession that can be applied at the company.

Portfolio Milestones:
You will complete and receive points for two Portfolio Milestones that will help you complete your project. This work will inform your final project, but you will not re-submit this work with your final project. Here are the milestones:

—Describe the company you will be analyzing for the project. Include size, industry, and location. (25 Points)

—Provide an outline of the security models you will be presenting in your portfolio project. (25 Points)


Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Paper length: 8-10 pages not including the required cover and reference pages.
  • Include at least five references in addition to the course textbook.
  • Format the entire paper according to APA

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