Written assignment for mgmt 315? “marketing


Assignment Instructions

  We are, once again, going to focus this information on a specific area…Marketing.    Please read all of the articles provided in the lesson section for this week to give you a good idea of what you need to do to come up with a good marketing campaign.   I would like you to create a fictional company and present a marketing campaign to brand that company.  Make sure that you give me some background as to what the company sells and who you are trying to reach, your campaign should target that audience. Think of yourself as a marketing executive and you are trying to convince the customer (owner of the company) why your marketing plan will effective. I do not expect you to create an all-inclusive campaign, you just need to be able to clearly express your ideas to your client.  These ideas should include how you intend to reach their target audience and should be supported by researchto show your client that you have looked into their company as well as the market that they intend to sell. 


Paper must include:

Cover Page

3-5 pages content

Reference Page –

Must be in APA Format