Writing assignment 1: young workers in the mall assignment

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For this assignment you will conduct an observation of young workers in any New Jersey mall  and compare what you see to Besen’s and Tannock’s description of young workers in mall establishments.

Step 1: Make sure you have read the reading!!  These are the readings found in Teenage Workers Part, 1, 2, and 3.   

Step 2: Make a list of what you expect to see at mail retail stores based on the readings.  You will turn this list in with your write-up.

 Step 3: Conduct your observation. You are just to observe NOT interview any of the workers or customers.  Make sure to collect data on:

  • The Workers: how many people are working, who is working where, what are the demographics of the workforce (approximate age, gender, race) what are their uniforms/dress like, are they smiling, what do they look like; is there any evidence of emotion work
  • The Work: does it look like they have fun; what work practices did you observe; does there seem to be socializing/friendships; what is the nature of the work, what is the condition of the store (clean, dirty, etc); did you observe any hiring signs
  • The Store Atmosphere: what store are you in; what does the store look like; what music is playing; what is the ‘feel’ of the store; what customers does the store cater to; how is that displayed; what product  is being sold;  what type of customers came in the store (age, gender, race, etc) how do customers behave; how do the customers and workers interact’ are the customers young/old;

Step 4: Write up your observations and compare them to Besen and Tannock’s description of mall work.  In particular compare the demographics of the workers (gender, race); presentation of workers”, the role of consumption and the amount of “socializing” that goes on.  Did you see what you expected to see based on the readings?  What didn’t you see, or what did you see that surprised you? Did your mall stores seem like the model one for teens? Why or Why not?

Step 5: Upload a file that includes a write-up of your findings. 


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