Write a response to the following question.

Your response should be a minimum of 500 words. It should be detailed and thoughtful. It must address all the questions or issues and must CONNECT all of them together into a coherent paper.


Discussion Question:

(1)Explain what Hume means when he says that any IDEA in our mind must first come from our senses (IMPRESSIONS).

(2) Explain his idea that we do NOT see any power in objects by which they are able to bring about certain effects or a necessary connection between CAUSE and EFFECT?

(3) Do you agree with Hume that our minds simply manufacture the idea of ‘secret’ power in a cause by which it brings about an effect or a necessary connection between CAUSE and EFFECT just like we manufacture (imagine) the idea of a golden mountain or the idea of a centaur (half human half horse)? Explain. 


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