Why is age discrimination an issue in labor market?


The model section will present the economic mechanism/ model and the answers it gives to your research question.

3 pages

Please use “Taste-based discrimination Theory” as your Economics Discrimination Model.


Write this section as if it were the final draft of the model section in your paper. Remember that it will be the core of your journal article. You will very likely revise this moving forward, but it will help you figure out what you need to do to answer your research question.

Start this section by restating your question, and then provide a one-sentence statement of how you are answering this question before going into details..

For example, let’s say that you think that the behavior you are attempting to explain is probably being driven by a rational response to high perceived risk. Then in your model people are rational and maximize their expected utility. Or you may know that you analyze a specific market that has few firms with market power that maximize profit, and interact with each other in the marketplace.

Make sure to define any key terms that you use, and to use the correct economic terms. So, for example, say that your individuals are utility maximizers if this is how you are modeling the behavior.