Who can help me with researchpaper?(its final paper)

I need a re search paper with 9 or 10 pages included citation page in the 9 or 10 pages and at least 6 sources that 2 of them are journal studies. The professor is very very very strict and hard on checking on paper. So my topic is about how video games affects children negativly with thier acadmic life. That is video games leads to bad grades at school and leads to poor acadmic achievment. I will give you the sources I have from the professor but make sure that you included 2 journal studies. Use MLA fromat. Do quotation and paraphrasing please. Make sure you qoute or paraphrase correctly and avoid plagrizm. Check on parenthatical citation pls because as I said the professor is really hard. IF its ok with you pls use Aurora Library or google schooler.


Im using classical out line. That means:

-Introduction with thesis(one source here)

-background(one source here)

-Arguments(with sources)

-concession/Rebuttal argument



Pleas add usful sources as much as you can

At the begining try to define the problem then give a history of that problem

My thesis is ( Addiction to video games leads to lower acadmic performance for a children)


These are sources from the professor check on them if they are usful or not

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