Week 6

Assignment #1- Choose only one question
APA FORMAT 250 words – include references and citations
1) Discuss the legacy of Lewis and Clark’s opinion of the Sioux and how that influenced federal policy.
2) How did the Cherokee attempt to resist the United States?
3) Describe the historical basis for Native American tribal sovereignty, its relationship to the Federal Government (including the Supreme Court) and the Constitution, and some of the implications of this relationship for the contemporary expressions of Indian self-determination.
4) Who was John Collier, and what role did he play in creating a “New Deal” for Native People?
5) Describe the Indian Reorganization Act or “Indian New Deal”? In what ways was it a departure from previous policy? How did it change thinking about the place of Indians in American society? How did it influence subsequent policies towards Native Americans?
6) What happened when the federal government realized that some reservations contained rich mineral resources?

Assignment 2- APA FORMAT 300 words- include references and citations
Research the federal bureaucracy, building on the lessons presented for this week, and then consider the issue of global warming.

Which federal agencies and cabinet departments are most important in determining the existence and causes of climate change?

Secondly, which ones formulate and execute policies in response to assertions of climate change?

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