Watch the video and then answer the questions listed below.


Watch the video and then answer the questions listed below.

Silver and the Spanish Empire: World History Crash Course #25
1. The Aztecs formed out of an alliance of three major cities in modern day _____________ in about the year___________.  They were very hierarchical, with an Emperor at the top and a group of nobles beneath him, which is just like ____________________________.

2. Priests also existed whose job was to appease the Gods to prevent disaster generally through ____________________________________.

3. The ______________ Civilization was older than the Aztecs and founded in the ______ century; they ruled over _____________________ people by the time the Spanish showed up in ____________.

4. What’s one interesting fact you learned about the Incas you didn’t know before?

5. The Spanish adopted the Inca system of Mit’a to mine and process _______________________.

6. What was dangerous about working in the mines?

7. Phillip II inherited all of Spain’s holdings in the ____________________, and in Europe and the Philippines.  After losing a rebellion war to the Dutch and the English, the Spanish ________________ on their debts several times in the 17th century.

8. Although most of the silver mined in the Americas went to Europe, at least ______ went to China.

9. In the early part of the Ming Dynasty, Chinese farmers paid their taxes in ________________________, but as more silver entered the economy, the government required the people to pay taxes in silver.

10. Answer John Green’s question:  Was the shift to a silver global economy worth the sacrifices (human and other) made to give you the ability to live the lifestyle you do today?

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