Unit 3 lab human geography: our global identit


  1. Discuss what Maker’s students have in common and why their relationships within her classroom are particularly special.
  2. Explain why Maker values the sound of silence.
  3. Why did Maker struggle throughout her life to remain in school? What circumstances made getting an education particularly challenging?
  4. The unit discusses how some cultural groups have stigmas attached to the birth of females. How did this impact Maker and why did she find it especially ironic when her own mother died while giving birth to her last baby?
  5. In the unit and the video, you learned about how some cultures don’t value education for girls in the same manner they value education for boys. In your personal experience, do you feel girls are treated equally as their male counterparts in school? Discuss any inequality you’ve experienced or heard of, and what you think needs to be done to change things.
  6. Maker obviously values education for girls. Discuss why she believes this is so important and the impact she feels an education can have on a person’s life.

link https://www.ted.com/talks/mary_maker_why_i_fight_for_the_education_of_refugee_girls_like_me#t-860583