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CIS225 Unit 1 Lab 2: Network Topology Exercise

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Draw a network. Demonstrate your current knowledge of networking as compared to the knowledge atthe beginning of Networking I. 

 Scenario: The Smallish Company has a 20-30 people in each of three networks and a separate networkfor the IT servers and services needing 6 nodes. Addi±onally the southern branch oFce has 14employees and there needs to be a dialup connec±on to the home oFce. 


 All oFces need internet connec±ons.
 All network services should be as automated as possible.
 Choose a topology.
 Choose a Network OS.
 Choose a Network Addressing Scheme
 The network should be labeled with Servers, IP Addresses.
 Determine what you might do to secure the network.
 Create a plan/proposal to meet the Smallish Company’s needs.\