To develop a clear strategic plan for sia moving forward.

Management & Strategy – Assignment 2 (Presentation) – (Refer to Assignment 1 Case Study, this Assignment 2 refers to the Future of SIA)

The case study used in Assignment 1 covered the strategic response of Singapore International Airlines (SIA) during the financial crisis in 1988.  Considering that a lot has changed in the business environment since then, you are required to develop a clear strategic plan for SIA moving forward.  You have to identify a single opportunity that may be exploited by the company.  You will then have to outline SIA may strategise to exploit this opportunity in terms of strategic analysis and choice process, implementation and evaluation.  Your strategic plan has to include the following sections:


•Justification of Opportunity (identify & based on FACT)

•Established of Objectives (using SMART)

•Selection of Strategies to be used (5 types of strategies – choose the best 2):

(1)Integration (Forward; Backward; Horizontal)

(2)Intensive (Market Penetration; Market Development; Product Development)

(3)Diversification  (Related Diversification; Unrelated Diversification)

(4)Defensive Strategies (Retrenchment; Divestiture; Liquidation)

(5)Porter’s Generic Strategies (Cost Leadership; Differentiation; Focus)

•Evaluation of Performance



Your presentation is to last 20 minutes and will be followed by a 10-minute question and answer session.  You may use a variety of software (Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi and etc) in preparing your presentation.  You will be graded based on the relevance of content and level of engagement with the audience.