Thea: introduce a form of dance

The goal of this assignment is to create a dancelogue: a verbal report on, and interpretation of, the meaning and importance of dance in contemporary life in the U.S. and around the world.

For this project, students may work alone or in a group of two (2) to describe the origin, development and current state of the cultural dance form, which may be a cross-cultural or ethnic form. 

The submitted work should be a 5-minute audio/video report either in the form of a verbal-only podcast or, if including visuals, a short video documentary.


1. Move: Take a class in a style of dance (not aerobics, martial arts, or yoga).


2. Describe: Choose the most salient aspects of the dance form, including

     a. the movement itself

     b. the structure of the dance

     c. the clothing, costumes or visual aspects

     d. the accompaniment, instruments and/or music

     e. any other elements you notice and deem important


3. Connect: Connect the dance to important aspects of the culture or ethnic community. Why is this dance important here, now? How does it create and sustain this community? 


4. Reflect: What is your personal response to it? How did it make you feel, think or respond to others?



Follow the instructions I posted. Write about 2pages; you can find information online, but use your own words to introduce it; no citations.