The sunshine subdivision | Computer Science homework help


The Sunshine Subdivision allows residents to select siding for their new homes, but only specific trim colors are allowed with each siding color. Create a Form for Sunshine Subdivision that allows a user to choose one of three siding colors from a ListBox—white, gray, or blue. When the user selects a sidingcolor, the program should display a second ListBox that contains only the following choices: • White siding—black, red, green, or dark blue trim • Gray siding—black or white trim • Blue siding—white or dark blue trim After the user selects a trim color, the program should display a congratulatory message on a Label indicating that the choice is a good one. Th e trim ListBox also becomes invisible. If the user makes a new selection from the siding ListBox, the congratulatory message is invisible until the user selects a complementary trim. Save the project as SunshineSubdivision.