The critical assignment for ech 395 is the applied design project.


The critical assignment for ECH 395 is the Applied Design Project. For this project, you will be required to create an ideal design for an early childhood classroom which includes a complete indoor and outdoor space and a comprehensive set of elements for both of these spaces. To begin, you must familiarize yourself with some early childhood environment designs. Hopefully, in doing so you will find some environments that inspire you and assist you in developing a vision for your own design project in ECH 395.

For the Design Inspiration poster, you should review and collect images of early childhood environments that you would like to use as inspiration for your design project. You can find hundreds of beautiful images of early childhood environments by conducting some internet searches. The images you choose can depict any aspect of the environment (indoors, outdoors, particular interest centers, etc.). When you have collected 8 to 10 images, put them together in one document and discuss each of them briefly in a paragraph, describing what elements of each image you want to include in your own design.

APA requirements for this assignment are as follows: Title page (no headings need to be included); pages numbered; overall APA formatting with one inch margins, double spacing, and recommended font. No reference page is required, although you should include the website where you found each picture.