The airport emergency plan | Operations Management homework help

  The Airport Emergency Plan is the framework that supports the ARFF operations; that would be “The Plan,” if you will. The major mishap exercise is the practical means to see if the plan works. In this assignment, the airport manager of the Francey Executive Airport (KFEA) (note: this is not a real airport) has asked you, the ARFF Commander, for your input to build a major mishap exercise profile to help evaluate the Airport Emergency Plan.  

Reviewing the existing profile from the United Flight 232 crash (aviation-safety) use the link ( and the NTSB Report (PDF). Which is provided in the attachment section. Provide your inputs for the major mishap exercise profile using the Rapid Response Checklist (text pages 593-594) for the Francey Executive Airport (KFEA).  These pages can be found in the attachment section. 

Your response should contain at least 500 words of substantial thought. A minimum of two references is required. Your submission must be clear and concise, and succinct APA formatting applies.