System analysis and design – chapter 13 minicase 1 nancy prioritize

Subject: “Systems Analysis and Design”

Requirement: Chapter 13 Transition To The New System

Please complete Mini-case 1, found on page 426 in the 6th edition text (page 500 in the 5th edition) “Systems Analysis and Design”.


How do you recommend that Nancy prioritize these change requests for the client/management system?

Requirements: Minimum of three pages double spaced content to discuss the question asked. Include a title page and a reference page with at least two outside references.

Use APA formatting for the title page and the reference page.


CH13-Transition..-> Mini-case 1 

Nancy is the IS department head at MOTO Inc., a

human resources management firm. The IS staff at

MOTO Inc. completed work on a new client management

software system about a month ago. Nancy was

impressed with the performance of her staff on this

project because the firm had not previously undertaken

a project of this scale in house. One of Nancy’s weekly

tasks is to evaluate and prioritize the change requests

that have come in for the various applications used by

the firm.

Right now, Nancy has on her desk five change

requests for the client system. One request is from 

a system user who would like some formatting changes

made to a daily report produced by the system. Another

request is from a user who would like the sequence of

menu options changed on one of the system menus to

more closely reflect the frequency of use for those

options. A third request came in from the billing department.

This department performs billing through the use

of a billing software package. A major upgrade of this

software is being planned, and the interface between the

client system and the billing system will need to be

changed to accommodate the new software’s data structures.

The fourth request seems to be a system bug that

occurs whenever a client cancels a contract (a rare

occurrence, fortunately). The last request came from

Susan, the company president. This request confirms the

rumor that MOTO Inc. is about to acquire another new

business. The new business specializes in the temporary

placement of skilled professional and scientific

employees, and represents a new business area for

MOTO Inc. The client management software system

will need to be modified to incorporate the special client

arrangements that are associated with the acquired firm.


How do you recommend that Nancy prioritize these

change requests for the client/management system?