Structured interview | Psychology homework help

Using your list of essential KSAO’s from last week, the next step is to actually write questions that will use those tapped KSAO’s. Figure 4.5 on page 142 of your text discusses the different types of questions used in a structure interview. Using this figure as a guide write two examples of each type of interview question making sure you cover all of the essential KSAO’s you listed.      The following are the question types you must cover: •Clarifiers •Disqualifiers •Skill level determiner •Future focused (situational) •Past focused (behavioral) •Organization fit      Anyone who submits the assignment after Sunday will be graded down 10 full points. Assignments will not be accepted after the following Wednesday.        Your paper should be a minimum of 400 words and may be as long as you need it to be. Please submit by clicking on Week 2 Assignment ABOVE in blue and then Browse My Computer to upload your assignment.     Use proper APA format for your papers-Title page, text, and references if necessary.