Streetcar 5-7 | American history homework help

Streetcar  Scenes 5-7
1. Foreshadowing:
Argue that specific events in scenes 5-7 foreshadow that Blanche’s high hopes of a new life are
not going to be fulfilled. Be sure to include what you believe these events foreshadow Discuss
the following scenes:
a) Stanley asks Blanche about someone named Shaw who knew a Blanche who partied at the
hotel Flamingo.
b) Blanche’s relationship with Mitch is falling apart. Why? Explain.
c) Blanche’s drinking is taking over her life
2. Respond to the artistic use of lighting and music in these scenes:
a) Stanley breaking the light bulbs on his wedding night
b) The sounds of the passing train that cover Stanley’s entrance into the apartment. What does
he over-hear?
c) Your own example
3. Character development: Blanche
a) How is Blanche trying to break up Stella’s marriage?
b) How does the author use astrological signs for Blanche and Stanley?
c) Discuss the scene with the young man who comes to the door collecting money for the local
d) D) Blanches letter to Shep Huntleigh