Speech (BOTH PARTS!!!)




Write a response to the following prompt using proper APA Style.


Prompt: You will consider the types of supporting material available and identify ones that will help you prove your main points and thesis statement.


Step 1: Review the information presented in Module 3 that explores types of supporting materials and ways to locate them.  Supporting materials are a key ingredient to any speech as they add credibility to your thesis statement.  In this information-rich age, you are fortunate to be able to locate a variety of supporting materials at the click of your mouse or press of a key.


Step 2: Select an existing topic, thesis, and main points that were used in the last assignment for Module 2 (See Module 2 Homework Assignment Part 3 Prompt: You will select a topic of your choice and write specific purpose and thesis statements based on that topic for an informative, persuasive, and celebratory speech).  List the following information:


  • Topic
  • General Purpose (inform or persuade for this assignment)
  • Specific Purpose
  • Thesis Statement
  • Question Based on Thesis Statement
  • At least Three Main Points


Step 3: Review the information presented in Module 3 about types of supporting materials and the ways in which they can be used effectively.  Based on the topic, thesis statement, and main points you selected, determine at least three different types of supporting materials that will help you achieve the specific purpose for your speech.


Step 4: Use the table below to complete the following steps.


Main Point

Type(s) of Supporting Material

Reasons for Selecting Type(s) of Supporting Material





























Step 5: Fill in the table.  Enter the main points for your informative or persuasive speech.  For each of the main points you list, identify at least one type of supporting material that would help you prove your thesis and achieve the specific purpose of your speech.  Match the type of supporting material and the purpose it serves with each main point.  For each type selected, write a brief explanation of the reason you selected the type of supporting material.


Step 6: Save and submit your document.  Remember to use proper APA Style.




Modules 1 through 4 Homework Assignments will be a continuation of the speech process.  You will construct your speech by answering the following prompt, which will be given at the beginning of each homework assignment.  This is a step-by-step process.  As long as you read the textbook, read the online material, and complete the activities, you will not encounter much difficulty.


Prompt: Childhood obesity is growing at an increasing rate.  Should fatty foods, such as potato chips, cookies, and soft drinks, be banned from elementary school?  Develop a persuasive speech that argues for or against banning fatty foods from elementary school.  You will construct a traditional, five-paragraph speech (introductory paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, concluding paragraph) that answers this prompt.  The total length of pages should not exceed 3 typed pages.


1.   Continuing from Modules 1 and 2 Homework Assignments, take out your outline and introductory paragraph and reread them.

2.   Using your outline, write the 3 body paragraphs of your speech and the conclusion.  Include as much reasoning behind your position as possible.  Make sure that you transition between sentences and paragraphs.

3.   You will turn in your complete speech (introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion).  Make sure that it is in one document (one attachment).


Remember to use proper APA formatting: Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced.



Here is an example of a speech:


*Please note that the following speech is different in content from the speech you are writing.  This is just an example of how your work should look like when you turn it in.*


Shopping online may be more convenient for some; however, nothing can truly replace shopping in an actual store.  Most believe that shopping online can save time, but when buying certain items, it may be best to visit the actual store and try the product out beforehand.  Many times, online policies can be difficult to comprehend, especially in regards to returning merchandise.  The traditional way of shopping is more efficient than online shopping because a product can be tried out before being purchased, the price can be determined accurately, and physical activity is involved in the process.

Being able to try out a product before it is purchased is a critical example of why traditional shopping is more effective than online shopping.  For instance, online shopping does not allow shoppers to try on clothing; instead, the shopper has to rely on images of a model, who may be of perfect size, and see if the article will look just as good on the model as it should on the shopper.  Shopping in the actual department allows the shopper to try on the actual article of clothing, make sure that the size is right, the material is suitable, and get an overall impression of how it looks.  Then the shopper can determine if the item is worth the purchase.

Pricing is another example of how traditional shopping wins over online shopping.  The price on the tag is exactly the price that is charged, whereas in online shopping, an additional charge for shipping and handling is tacked on.  Many shoppers have a limited budget and can only afford the cost of the item plus tax; therefore, traditional shopping may be a more budget friendly environment than shopping online.

The last example of how traditional shopping is much more effective than online shopping is the actual physical activity involved.  Many people are constantly sitting at the desk working on the computer and rarely get up and stretch.  Traditional shopping allows these cooped up individuals the change to venture outdoors and stretch the legs.  Also, by venturing outside, shoppers will know what is popular and in style and what is outdated by simply observing other shoppers and their buying habits.  Online shopping does offer reviews on certain products, but these reviews are hardly helpful.  Actual visual examples are more helpful.

The traditional way of shopping is more efficient than online shopping because a product can be tried out before being purchased, the price can be determined accurately, and physical activity is involved in the process.  Many shoppers will still cling to their computers, but these shoppers may discover that what they purchased isn’t exactly what they thought they purchased.



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