Sociology presentation | Sociology homework help

For this assignment, you will choose a recent movie, television show, or book that you will examine using themes and concepts learned in this course. Choosing a favorite or particularly meaningful book or movie will help to make the assignment more enjoyable. You are not limited to any genre; the artifact may be current or older and could be cross cultural, such as a film from another country.

  1. Select an artifact. Your instructor will let you know if you should submit your choice for approval and may provide a list of artifacts for you to choose from, as well.
  2. explain how specific sociological concepts covered in the course are illustrated in your artifact.
    1. You do not have to choose to illustrate concepts from a specific module; any of the module content from Modules 1- 6 may be covered.
    2. If needed, include a short synopsis of the movie, book, or TV show to provide foundation for the analysis.
    3. Do not try to analyze too many concepts in your artifact; 4-5 concepts are sufficient for the time allowed
  3. Cite your work.

Here are a list of possible tv shows/movies you can use for your presentation: PICK ONE 


The Butler

Mississippi Burning

American History X

Remember the Titans

Iron Jawed Angels

Television Shows

The Cosby Show

Sex and the City

Everybody Loves Raymond


Being Mary Jane

Gray’s Anatomy




Crazy Rich Asians