Sociology paper with reading | Social Science homework help


This assignment will allow you to use C. Wright Mills’s Sociological Imagination and Kimberle Crenshaw’s concept of intersectionality to analyze to the life of an individual vis-à-vis systems of institutionalized power.



This individual is a hypothetical person with identity/disadvantages of 1) Gender: Female 2)Race: Mexican3)class: lower class 4)documentation status: undocumented immigrant.

You can make up stories in her life and connect it to the texts and films.

The essay should use evidence/examples from course readings throughout to illustrate patterns in access to resources (or lack thereof) among several of the social identities of the protagonist. 



Be sure to cite and discuss a minimum of 5 reading selections and to include citations to and discussion of at least 2 films or lectures (for a total of 7 sources cited in the essay). Note: failure to meet minimum citation requirements will profoundly affect your grade, and may result in a failing grade for the exam. Furthermore, please be specific in your citations to course materials—clearly identifying the source of information you use in your essays—whether it is an author, a film, or lecture.


It should be 5 pages in length and double-spaced. 

Must include at least one direct connection with each chapter of the text. And Must make at least one direct connection with both of the video clips.