Segmentation and Consumer Behavior

Go online and research information on two different market segments. As one of the two segments that you select you may want to choose a segment in which you belong.

Suggested segments(but not limited to) include:  Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Y, Tweeners, Hispanic market, Asian market, African American market, Gay/Lesbian market, Grey or senior market, Native Americans or another age cohort or any market segment that you are familiar with. The assignment is to write a minimum of a two page paper answering the following questions. Please be careful to check your spelling, sentence structure and grammar.

 In this paper summarize your findings and answer the following questions:

1. Description of the segments you researched. What are the distinguishing characteristics of the segments? Look at demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, geodemographics and other segmentation variables for each segment. Discuss where your research came from.

2. Provide an example or examples of consumer product companies that are doing particularly good job marketing to the segment(s) you researched and describe their marketing strategies.

3. What did you find interesting about what you read?

4. What additional products do you think that might appeal to the markets / segments you researched and why?

5. Into which market / segment do you fit and why?

Guidelines for writing the paper:

Answer all questions completely and thoroughly. Be careful to use a spell check and correct sentence structure. Use a paragraph style format, double space and 12 point font.

It is critical that you document your sources using correct APA style and include a reference page. Remenber, Wikipedia is not an academic source to be cited in your papers.   

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