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Instructions for Deliverable

  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade. You can learn more about the specific skills being assessed by reviewing the links in Problem-Based Learning Resources(new tab).
  2. As a team, determine how you will present your test results. An optional template is this Scenario Testing Results Template(Word document).
  3. Each team member must choose at least one of the scenarios listed in Step 4 Scenarios for Testing(new tab). Carefully plan so that each team member is testing against a different scenario. If your team would like to include additional scenarios in this step, determine a team approach to conduct the extra testing. 
  4. To conduct the test, read the scenario carefully. Describe how a team would use the Task Force Plan to work through the scenario. Analyze the plan for any weaknesses; does it provide the solution(s) needed? Make recommendations for improving the solutions(s) within the plan to better address the scenario. 
  5. Present the results of your test as organized information. Provide a brief summary of the action steps needed to strengthen your solution. Clearly indicate team members’ contributions.
  6. One person from the team must submit the deliverable per the schedule outlined in your Team PBL Plan but no later than Workshop Five.

Task  Details : 

attached task force plan solution as agile methodology , in all these senarios will do some analysis and give pointers (as per template)

 senario ; analysis, action item , solutions

 need relate secenarios with agile methodology 

need to work on Scenario #3 and Scenario #4

Scenario #3 –  (impasse – Fear of Conflict)

In developing options for consideration the team reaches an impasse.  One team member gets into the weeds quickly, and struggles with staying on ‘the main thing’.  Although the team leans on their “Team Contract” for such situations,  ultimately, they determine the Team Contract is not specific enough to provide remedy. These pauses add time to everyone’s already busy schedules and has happened more than once. The end result is a fear of conflict which inturn results in team members incapable of engaging in debates. 

Scenario #4 – (VBM/Staffing) 

The team is tasked to create a Task Force to address critical business issues, demonstrate virtuous leadership, and implement the VBM model in its work. The team struggles with the resource aspects of  ‘how to identify candidates for the Task Force that would implement the VBM model’.  The right fit is critically important – essentially the difference between success and failure.  What actions can the team advance to identify these candidates and achieve the right fit, right role, right time for the success of the project?