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Sales Classification Assignment


Universal Control Corp, is a leading supplier for process control systems and equipment used by a wide

variety of production and distribution applications. You have taken a sales representative job with

Universal, and having just completed training, you have been given a territory of your own. Your district

manager has provided you with a list of accounts as well as several boxes of files that has been

assembled and used by your predecessor. These are the accounts currently buying your products. You

are expected to build these accounts and add new accounts to the list as you increase your territory’s

sales performance.


Comment on the overall sales focus in the previous year in terms of account focus and time/effort


Develop a new portfolio classification of your given accounts ( see page 2 list) using four classification

quadrants (class 1-4). Class 1 will be accounts with the greatest business potential and weakest

competitive position; class 2 are accounts with strong business potential but with strong/high

competition; Class 3 are accounts with low business potential, and low competition; Class 4 will be

accounts with low business potential and strong/high competition, etc. Use chapter 10 of your

textbook as a guide. This classification grid will guide the effort and focus in the coming year to

maximize sales potential and efficiency.