Respond to my two peers purpose of general education 10 hrs so 2pm

Three Reasons Why Every Student Should Be Required to take General Education Courses: 

To develop and hone basic skills that every person should have: Taking general education courses teaches well rounded knowledge and skills that all should have.  “Ask any employer and they will tell you there is nothing they value more than general education,” said Brooks Doherty, General Education Dean at Rasmussen College and former General Education Course Instructor. “And while many new or returning college students just want to focus on the core skills, they soon realize, just as employers do,  the skills taught in general education required courses are the ones that prepare you for advancing steadily in your field (Tilus,2012).” These skills include critical thinking, written and oral communication skills, problem solving and global awareness. Having skills in these areas will make one stand out in a crowd of job applicants. 

To be a well rounded person: “College is intended to make students aware of as much as possible about the world they live in, while at the same time preparing them for the specific profession that they have chosen to pursue (Cohn,2007).”  In order to be productive we must not be solely skilled and focused in one area. We must be aware of the world we live in, able to communicate with those we work with, see how contemporary issues may affect our profession and use both specified and general skills to apply to our profession. 

To explore new subjects, possibly discovering an interest or passion you wouldn’t have otherwise known: Sometimes people enter college unsure of their path. Some may not have yet declared a major. For those people, general education classes could help them to realize where their passions lie, and help them find their professional path. Further, even for those who do have a major, may find interest in new subjects and then be able to explore them further making them more well rounded and more productive!


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