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Research Project Description:

We have been looking at the advancement of encryption standards over the years. In today’s locked down world with almost everyone working remotely, new challenges that require encryption and cryptography have arisen. When do companies need to use encryption? What levels of encryption and authentication are needed? 

Pick an industry or company that has had to deal with the challenges. How have they addressed things such as:


Cloud storage

Threat actors


Security Measures and policies

Email (both encrypted and not),

Hash values to verify documents,

Databases that store

corporate sensitive / proprietary information

employee payroll, health records, etc.

vendor information

credit card information

other items as determined by the type of company

Remote users that must be authenticated

On site users that must be authenticated

What policies need to be in place?

What case studies are there?

What new problems have arisen as a result of the pandemic?

You will need to complete the following: 

What data are you protecting?

What are the biggest challenges faced by companies in the chosen industry when using encryption

How do they verify and authenticate the users both local and remote?

What forms of encryption (symmetric / asymmetric)

What laws and regulations affect the industry?

What are common attacks / threats / vulnerabilities and how would you protect against them?

How have other similar companies dealt with this and with what results?

How would you test the method you choose?

What are the expected outcomes?

What new methods may be on the horizon that will help this industry?

Please note the following criteria:

Research paper:

Research Paper must be in APA Style

Research Paper must have at least 5 works cited of which 2 must be peer reviewed works/articles (note your book can be included as a reference)

Must be at least 12 to 15 double-spaced pages with standard 1 inch margins.

8 – 10 pages of prose

Limit the number of bulleted lists

Prose + charts + figures = 12 to 15 pages

Does not include title page, abstract and references

Paper will be 210 points:


This presentation must be supported by the research paper.

Presentation will be 100 points and based on the following:

Completeness of the Topic 

Presentation Delivery