Research paper power point | Applied Sciences homework help

Research Project Paper Requirements

Mandatory parts for the paper in Word format (this will be part of the grade):

  1. Front Page
  2. Title, Course, your name, your instructor, FNU, Date
  3. Index
  4. Summary
  5. Introduction
  6. General concepts of the disease
  7. Body w/explained images of the disease (Diagnostic image of each pathology).
  8. Laboratory findings
  9. Treatment
  10. Bibliography.
  11. Divided in: Printed: Books, Magazines, etc

Online: url address, web pages, etc.

Research Project Power Point Requirements

Mandatory for the Pwr. Pnt. presentation (this will be part of the grade):

– Minimum number of slides: 15 

Mandatory slides : Front Slide, Introduction, Body and References

– Images required at least 7 diagnostic method images and pathological images