Research paper 3 | Computer Science homework help

In this assignment, you are delivering your well-crafted fully project proposal topic (which is well studied and narrowed down to a specific, meaningful and clear project). You will also explain and elaborate on your research problems, research purpose and justification, and your well defined project objectives.

You will also provide your literature review. It is important that you follow our class discussions. You should follow the structure of the proposal template and the sample works provided in class.

Please note that your work should be:

1. Clear and meaningful

2. No grammatical and spelling errors (check your work with and make sure there are “0” issues)

3. Clear objectives and specific goals (this is very important)

4. Only relevant and necessary discussions are presented (your literature review should be logical and meaningful and comprehensive, yet it should be coherent and focused on your project problems and objectives)

5. Focused and logically connected (see the sample works for the structure of your document. Note the “story telling” structure)

6. Following the template guidelines and providing the requested information

7. Inline citation (APA style is a MUST)

Please note that you SHOULD provide:

1. Title page

2. Relationship to CPT

2. Introduction

3. Problem statement and justification

4. Literature review

You should apply all the comments and feedback you received so far. Use all your resources including HU Tutors and SmarThinking to get more feedback  and improve your document.