Research methods in criminal justice – chapter 9.


Required Textbook: Hagan, Frank E., Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology, Pearson Education,Inc., 2014. ISBN: 978-0-13-300861-6.

Answer the Review Questions at the end of Chapter 9: APA Formatting, no plagiarism, answer in an essay format and like teaching others.

1. Why has there been a lack of validation studies in criminal justice? What is the importance of developing a tradition of such studies in the field?

2. Discuss the various ways of determining the validity of a particular measure. Of what importance is triangulation in resolving the issue of validity?

3. Discuss the three means of demonstrating reliability of measurement.

4. What is the “mark-recapture technique” and how might it raise problems in being employed to measure hidden human populations such as the addict population?

5. Using various examples from this chapter, describe how researchers attempt to approach the issues of reliability and validity in their studies.

6. Discuss the methodology of the DUF program. How does this program benefit criminal justice research?