Research methodology & writing | Information Systems homework help


I am going to be highly critical of this section, as I’ve warned all semester long. Do not be vague here.

Document criteria:

  • Minimum 1500 words
  • Must contain explicit subsections appropriate to paradigm
  • Stating your method is not enough. You must go further.
    • If you’re doing interviews, we need to see a guide with citations and critical analysis
    • If you’re analyzing a tool, we need significant details and visualization
    • Must say WHY you’re choosing your method, CITE it, DEFEND it
  • Must contain explicit data analysis plan
    • “I’m going to read” is not an analysis plan
    • If you’re doing qualitative analysis, you must lay out your theoretical framework and explain how you will interpret and arrive at your answers
    • If you are doing quantitative research, we need an explicit discussion of how you assembled your study. Questionnaire? Where did you get the questions/scales from and what are they assessing? How are they evaluated (likert scale? semantic differential?)?
  • Minimum 5 citations

Attached is the ppt of methods in my class session for reference