Reflection essay on mla style papers

Reflect on your experiences during research processes and MLA style


MLA Research Style

Write a two page essay to address the following elements:

Briefly discuss your experiences in completing research assignments prior to taking this course.

Discuss your understanding and the challenges of the research process this term.

Discuss your understanding and the challenges of researching a topic, creating works cited entries, and creating in-text citations.

Discuss your concerns about the research process as you prepare for your next Composition course.


2 pages

Size 12 print

Times New Roman font

Double space (all lines)

Heading in top left corner (double spaced)–your name, course name, my name, date

Effective and original title (five words or more)

No bold print, italics, underlining, or quotation marks for emphasis

Use essay format (introduction, body, and conclusion).

Use paragraph format and complete sentences.