Read chapter 13 and answers questions

Read Chapter 13 

View Chapter 13 PowerPoint’s

If you look in any store in the United States, you will find things made from around the world? How did they get here? How where they paid for and in which countries currency? Who set the specifications? How do you know the ingredients are safe? Is there a guarantee if something goes wrong? These and other questions are answered in Chapter 13 of your book on ‘Exporting, Imploding and Countertrade…..which is the way the  world works today. When you travel to other countries and see Hershey Bars, McDonalds, American cars, etc. it is important for you to understand how we market our goods to other countries as well.

Go to the U.S. Department of Commerce web site,  Export.Gov (Links to an external site.) on pg. 426
of your text. (Pennsylvania also has a similar site)or a similar one  and research a country of your choice. For this assignment you can choose any product or service you would like to export to the country of your choice.  You will find a wealth of information here.
Indeed many businessmen and women use this web site to do their research for their businesses. In addition to doing some research on how your product might sell in that country, you are also to relate your choice to at least 2 concepts in Chapter 13.

You are to cite the page numbers and concepts and why you think they apply to your selection that you are focusing on for your paper. Please be specific in how it applies (500-750 words). In your post, please put in the title what you are exportin