Rac m6a2 | Criminal homework help

You’ve learned about contemporary issues that concern women/girls, LGBT people, and men/boys and their interactions with the criminal justice system. I want you to choose one crime or victimization that is associated with any of these three populations. Your task is to create an image, presentation, or video that highlights:

  1. The extent of the crime or victimization,
  2. why it is more associated with the population you selected,
  3. what society is currently doing to address it,
  4. what else you think we should be doing to help,
  5. and one program, therapy, or intervention that should be implemented to help reduce the crime/victimization.

Be detailed! Don’t just give the bare bones. Do research and present it to your classmates in your creation.Discussion Board Guidelines: Submit an answer to the discussion board. Each discussion board post will be between 200-300 words long. Refer and cite current resources in APA in your answer. You will need to respond to two peer’s posting. Your peer response should be a minimum of three sentences.