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   Discussion Forum Instructions      

General Instructions    For each Discussion Forum Main Thread:    1. Include a title block with your name, class title, date, and the discussion forum number.   2. Write the question number and the question title as a level one heading (Example ‐ D1.1  Variables.) and then provide your response.   3. Use Level Two headings for multi part questions (D1.1 & D1.1.a, D1.1.b, etc.)  4. Be sure to properly cite any factual assertions.  5. Include a reference section.  6. Carefully review your discussion forum prior to submission for formatting, flow, and readability.    

  Respond to the following short answer questions:   

D1.1 Variables. What kind of independent variable (active or attribute) is necessary to infer cause? Can  one always infer cause from this type of independent variable? If so, why? If not, when can one infer  cause and when might causal inferences be more questionable?  

 D1.2 Research Questions I. Compare and contrast associational, difference, and descriptive types of  research questions.    

D1.3 Research Questions II. Using one or more of the following HSB variables; religion, mosaic pattern  test, or visualization score:    a. Write an association question  b. Write a difference question  c. Write a descriptive question  


D1.4 Data Coding I. Are there any other rules about data coding of questionnaires that you think should  be added to what you have studied? Are there any rules that you think should be modified? If so, which  ones, how should they be modified, and why?    

D1.5 Data Coding II. If you identified other problems with the completed questionnaires in Chapter 2  problem 2.1, what were they? How did you decide to handle the problems and why?    

D1.6 Data Coding III. Why is it important to check your raw (questionnaire) data before and after  entering them into the data editor? What are ways to check the data before entering them? What are  ways to check the data after entering them?