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Attitudes toward death and dying differ across cultural groups — for example: Hindus surround the dying person with loving family members; Northern Cheyenne take a cyclic view of life and death; Navajos believe the dead move to the underworld. 
Consider the culture you come from (or live in) — what is the attitude toward death and dying? Provide examples of both.



I’M catholic 

The attitudes toward death and dying rituals are described as heavily influenced by Catholic beliefs where spirituality is very important and there is a continuing relationship between the living and the dead through prayer and visits to the grave. Death is portrayed in Mexican statues, art, literature,and Mexican children are socialized early to accept death, giving Mexicans a cultural familiarity with death. Mexicans and other Latinos celebrate “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) to remember and honor the dead.


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