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Project Time Management 641 Page 1 of 2 Semester 1, 2014 Assignment 2 Provide a report on the topic described below in essay format, with a maximum word count of 1,500 words (excluding references, tables and diagrams). Please show your word count. For this assignment, you are expected to research the concepts described and review literature on the topic. Include a minimum of five (5) references from scholarly journals or texts. Use examples to illustrate your understanding of the issues and provide some conclusion from your research. Topic In 1976, Alan Albrecht published results of research into the relative efficiency of different software development approaches. This became the basis of Function Point Analysis (FPA) which was to be shown as the most accurate and consistent schedule estimating and performance management technique within the software development industry. You are required to research FPA to determine its characteristics and why it works well in an industry that was otherwise regarded as unreliable for its scheduling and performance measurement. It is not expected that you understand the techniques of software development. It is expected that you analyse the key characteristics of the industry and determine why the management of software development projects has been regarded as inherently unreliable. Also report on what FPA is and what it contributed to management of projects in this industry and why it was different (and more successful) than other estimating and performance management techniques that were being used in this environment. Provide your response under the headings of:  FPA – definition and history (15 marks);  Problems with estimating in the software development environment (15 marks);  What FPA techniques provide that was previously lacking (20 marks);  Your opinion of the value of FPA (15 marks); Project Time Management 641 Page 2 of 2  The remaining marks (35) are for the layout, referencing and presentation of your assignment. Marks may also be lost for non-compliance with the assignment instructions. This assignment is due on Wednesday 26th May 2014. Work is to be referenced according to Curtin University guidelines (Chicago) Provide your assignment with the Assignment Cover Sheet and the Marking Template (provided on Blackboard). Your assignment is to be submitted as soft copy (pdf file) via Turnitin on Blackboard. Ensure that the Guidelines for Soft Copy are followed. These are available on Blackboard under Assignments.