prepare a formal 5 -page paper and presentation (content, not

 Prepare a formal 5 -page paper and presentation (content, not including reference page or table of contents) on a topic of your choice related to Transportation and Logistics 

Your paper, which is worth 100 points and 45% of your grade, will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

Quality and depth of content (60 points) 

 Organization of the report (10 points) 

 Overall format, i.e., typed, use of page numbers, title page, table of contents, appropriate labels on figures and tables, etc. (10 points) 

 Correct grammar and evidence of proofing, i.e., no spelling errors (5 points) 

 Variety and documentation of references used. Format for citations and references must follow APA 7th ed. guidelines (15 points)