Ppt on it project | IT project

 Follow the attached questions. Draft research paper I have provided which we are and will be following. 

you can follow the url for case study design methodology-  https://libguides.usc.edu/writingguide/researchdesigns 

Point 1 and 3 I will take care

Your PPP must not exceed 12-Slides in length

Your submission must contain:

1.- Title Page ( Use the Sample Paper as a guide)

2.- Table of Content

3.- The purpose of your project (One paragraph max 50 words)

4.- Background of your topic – Use only five statements supported with reliable sources (Using only Peer Reviewed Journals)

5.- The selected methodology and Design ( You need to select your Methodology and Design for your project. ( Max 2- short paragraph 

     each paragraph not to exceed 50 words – Support  each paragraph with a reliable source from a Peer Review Journal)

6.- Overarching Question ( This is your overarching question for your project. You will have only one overarching question and you can

follow up with four (4) sub-questions).

7.- Summary

8.- Conclusions

9.- List of references (Minimum 10 to 15 references from Peer-Reviewed Journals)

10.-  Audience – Questions

11.- The Certification of Authorship

12.- Your Short-bio (Groups’ Short-bio).

NOTE: In your presentation use short statement supported with reference. Don’t use a long paragraph.

NOTE1: Your PPP must be in compliance with APA Structure and Formatting.

NOTE2: This is a group assignment.

NOTE3: Only the leader of your group for week 3 will submit the assignment.

NOTE4: If the PPP is submitted by a member other than the leader of the group. The submission will be ignored, and the group will receive a zero. Please take note.

NOTE5: Please submit your paper and follow the instructions giving

NOTE6: If a member doesn’t attend and Present the section assigned to her/him by the Groups’ leader, said member will receive zero (0) for the weekly assignment.