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The requirement for this Assignment is to build upon the information presented in the first requirement (ATTACHED). Using the references that has already located. You are to prepare a 15 slides PowerPoint presentation, The relationship between properly-planned student assessments and student outcomes intended to address the harmonious relationship that should exist between student assignments and desired student learning outcomes. A thorough PowerPoint presentation is expected to include the use of images, and a warm choice of font. In-text citation should be cited on each slide that it is used , and each slide must have speaker’s notes and also a full reference list should be at the conclusion (last slides) In-text citation style to reference journal articles (by author’s last name and year) on specific slides (when the reference is used) and include a complete reference list at the conclusion of the presentation.  

APA writing style should be followed for reference format. This style manual may be accessed through the Purdue Online Writing Lab, APA website.