Personal pedagogical style | EDDD 8110 – The Art of Online Teaching | Walden University

To Prepare:

Review the Adult Learning Theory Chart, the Video Interviews With Effective Online Instructors, and the Superior Online Instructor Infographic you created. Consider what you would like your personal pedagogical style to be.

Complete the following two parts:

Part A: Write a 500-word summary of what you learned in the Online Learning Theory chart and course resources that you reviewed this week. Using course readings and other online learning experiences, please describe your current beliefs and some assumed best practices that you have about online instruction.

Part B: To further illustrate your online learning best practices, then write a 500-word statement that describes the personal pedagogical style you would like to develop to best support your students in a virtual learning environment. Make sure the reader understands the connections between the theory and research you’ve read and your personal pedagogical style.