Order 1345928: choose one of the following topics and write an essay


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Choose ONE of the following topics and write an essay of 600-800 words in response. Use specific evidence from the play to support your thesis. Be sure your final draft is double-spaced; proofread carefully before submitting. You may use up to TWO outside sources to support your views, but if you prefer, you can use only your own ideas with support from the play. If you use appropriate resources (preferably through the Library Online) be sure to cite in-text and include a works cited page. CHOOSE ONE: 1. Is Oedipus responsible for his downfall or is he a victim of fate? Choose a position and use evidence from the play to support your view. 2. Do you believe Oedipus is a good / ethical man? Take a position and support your view with convincing evidence from the play. 3. Choose TWO specific differences between the play “Trifles” and the story it is based on. In your essay, make a case for whether these differences substantially change the characterization and/or theme of the play. 4. Who is guilty in the play “Trifles”? Decide whether you feel Mrs. Wright’s murder of her husband was justifiable or whether you believe she should have been charged with the crime. Be specific in support of your view. 5. Choose TWO symbols in the play “Atsumori” and explain how they help to express the meaning of the play. You may use both the play and the short summary that is posted in order to make your case. 6.Compare and contrast Oedipus and the priest Rensei in “Atsumori” as heroes. In your essay, choose a trait for each character and explain why you believe these traits make them heroes in similar or different ways. (I WILL LEAVE LINKS TO THE FILES OF THE PLAY)