Operating system ass 2 | Computer Science homework help


Please provide an elaborate answer to each of the following questions

1. How is a thread different from a process? 

2. What are the advantages of using multithreading instead of multiple processes? 

3. List four design issues for which the concept of concurrency is relevant. 

4. What is the key difference between a mutex and a binary semaphore? 

5. What scheduling criteria affect the performance of a system? Justify your answer with facts. 

6. What is the main function of a dispatcher? Give some examples of events when it is invoked. Think outside box. 

Word Count: 5000 words (maximum) 

Your work needs to be well written and have quality information. Your work must be clear and must be able to educate someone with no prior knowledge in the field of operating systems. 

Assignment Evaluation Rules: 

• • Overall presentation 10% 

• • Structure 10% 

• • Introduction 10% 

• Main body: Critical analysis/evaluation 50% 

o Recommendations 10% 

o Conclusion 10% 


• • Please read and apply the rules for referencing.