networking fault tolerance and disaster recovery

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 During our in-class lab entitled “Fault Tolerance Lab”, you identified the single points of failure for a hospital scenario.  Based on the same scenario, complete the following two exercises:

1.  Assume that providing redundancy at every single point of failure is not an option due to the cost involved.  How would you determine where to cut costs in the proposal?  Consider which fault-tolerant options are most critical and also which are expensive but less critical.  What questions should you ask the IT director that will better enable you to prioritize the fault-tolerance features you’ve recommended?  What points of failure do you suggest absolutely must be addressed with redundancy?

2.  The hospital’s IT director has asked you to help develop a disaster recovery plan.  Based on what you have learned about the hospital’s topology, usage patterns, and current fault-tolerance measures, outline a disaster recovery plan for the hospital.  Your plan should specifically address provisions for data, equipment, and connectivity related to the network.  Explain how functionality and data will be restored and what staff should be involved in a post-disaster recovery.

This is an individual assignment.  Each student should submit his/her own work.  There is no minimum length requirement for this assignment.  However, you must incorporate the answers to all questions above in your responses.  In addition, reference the sections of the textbook on fault tolerance and disaster recovery to determine what items you should take into consideration when developing your plans for both questions.