Modes of reasoning questions | English homework help

Problem set of 26 questions on exercises using Venn and Traditional Method of checking validity. Categorical Logic: Enthymemes and Sorites. I have attached a sample question file.

You need to download the file with the Drawn Venn diagrams, shade them appropriately (make sure that the numbers correspond to the questions you are answering), scan the page or photograph it, and paste it into the answer document.


Please download the document, follow the instructions. After completing the test, save in word format (.doc) and submit the test (link below). Please make sure to download and fill (appropriately)  the Venn Diagrams, take a picture of it and INSERT it into the Test 2 document and save before uploading. (Do not upload Venn Diagrams separately-you will be able to upload only one file, so Venn diagrams must be inserted into the document.