Mkt 5-3 milestone: place | Management homework help

Reflect from Milestone 2-1, 4-2 to complete.


in the Module Two milestone, you selected a product and developed a persona that reflects your target market. Your work on this milestone must be based on the same product selection Gourmet truffles with fruit, herb, and flower extract infusions. Review the feedback from your instructor on your persona, and make any needed improvements before completing this assignment. Your work on this milestone must be based on that corrected persona.

In this milestone, you will consider how to make decisions about place, meaning the distribution channels to use for your chosen product. Specifically, you will consider trends in the marketplace that are affecting distribution channel use and which distribution channel may be appropriate for the target market (i.e., persona).  

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Recent Change in the Marketplace: Describe how one recent change in the marketplace (purchasing habits or social, economic, and political events, for example) has affected distribution of products.
  • Distribution Channel:  Recommend one potential distribution channel (direct-to-consumer, retail, wholesale, distributor, or agent/broker) for your chosen product, and explain why it is appropriate given your product and persona. (Use the      persona you developed in the Module Two milestone with revisions based on  instructor feedback.)