Milestone one: proposal | Human Resource Management homework help


Milestone 1: Proposal of an OB topic


You will select an OB topic from a business example to research and write about. Some topics to choose from include the following:




  • Bhopal Disaster
  • BP Gulf Oil Spill
  • Burma Pipeline
  • Closing of Blockbuster Stores
  • Costa Concordia Cruise Accident
  • Enron Scandal
  • Hurricane Katrina and the Levee System
  • Malden Mills
  • Penn State University Scandal
  • Wal-Mart’s Business Practices




If a different topic is chosen, it must be approved by the instructor.




This 1–2-page proposal must:




  1. Identify the topic you have selected and describe how it relates to OB
  2. Provide three to four research questions that you will attempt to answer in your final paper
  3. State your rationale and reason for selecting this topic
  4. Conclusion: Explain what you hope to gain/understand as you research this topic