Migration/population | Social Science homework help




The human population has lived a rural lifestyle through most of history.  The world’s population, however, is quickly becoming urbanized as people migrate to the cities.  Developed nations have a higher percentage of urban residents than less developed countries.  However, urbanization is occurring rapidly in many less developed countries, and it is expected that most urban growth will occur in less developed countries during the next decades.


In this Case, you are to select a country (not Nigeria and Canada) which is experiencing rural-urban migration and answer the following questions.


1. Identify the Country you have selected and briefly describe its demographics.


2. Discuss the factors that are driving rural-urban migration in your selected country? (Hint: Migration is often explained in terms of either “push factors” – conditions in the place of origin which are perceived by migrants as detrimental to their well-being or economic security, and “pull factors” – the circumstances in new places that attract individuals to move there).


3. Describe the impact of rural-urban migration in your selected country? Consider health, environmental, economic and social implications.