Medical law and ethics discussion response

Read classmates responds below and reply back with 150 words in APA format 7th edition:

Three concepts that I have learned that I believe will be very important when working in the medical field first would be what ethical decisions are and what makes them so important when treating patients, second would be the legal aspect of HIPAA rules including who is a covered entity and the third would be the use of medical records in court.

      An ethical decision will always be legal one, therefore when making certain decisions regarding a patients care, it must always be legal and for the benefits of the patient without disregard of another (Fregmen, 2020).

      By knowing the HIPAA rules and regulations pertaining to patient privacy, I can make sure that all patients privacy is kept confidential. By using the techniques learned for keeping electronic, paper, and verbal personal health information confidential, I can ensure this information is only being used for the treatment and care of all patients and those involved.

    When specific people are requesting a patient’s personal health information for legal reasons, a subpoena is required to release this information and can only be released to the person listed on the subpoena (Fremgen, 2020).

 Word Count 190


Fremgen, B.F. (2020). Medical law and ethics (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.