Mba5520 case study 3 | Management homework help


Exercise 10.1Background: This exercise further explores the principle about data and complex systems discussed in this chapter: “Graphs reveal interesting structures present in the data” (Wheeler 2000, 14,79

Objective: To evaluate graphic presentations of data and select the one that provides the most valuable feedback about the system’s behavior.

Instructions: As the manager of an ED, you are faced with the challenge of improving flow and better matching your staffing plan to patient demand. Like the mammography center manager in this chapter, your monthly reports from the finance department present the ED’s volume statistics in a spreadsheet according to this month, last month, year to date, and the same month in the previous year. You decide to graph the data. You experiment and come up with the following three graphs using the same information. Select the graph that provides you with the most insight and explain why you chose that graph.

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