Marketing plan – ups | Marketing homework help

Using the elements of a Marketing Plan, Research marketing methodology of Company – UPS

Include the sections below in your marketing plan.

  • Introduction: Include a brief introduction of the company.
  • Competitive Analysis: Who are your company’s competitors, and how is each differentiated? Identify  three strengths and three weaknesses of the company compared to  a minimum of two of your company’s competitors.  
  • Marketing Strategies: What are the marketing strategies used by your company in the management of the global customer brand? Use the four Ps in your analysis, which are listed below.
    • Product: Begin with a theoretical definition of a product. What is the product/service offering       by your company? How did the development of these new products affect your company’s marketing strategy?
    • Place: Begin with a theoretical definition of place. What are the distribution channels used by your company?
    • Price: Begin with a theoretical definition of price. What is the pricing strategy used by your company?
    • Promotion: Begin with a theoretical definition of promotion. What are the traditional and digital       methods of marketing promotion used by your company? Explain a minimum of three traditional and three digital methods.  
  • Competitive Advantage: Identify whether your company has a competitive advantage in each of the      areas of the four Ps. Remember that your company could have a competitive  advantage in one area and not in another. Include supporting rationale.

Your submission must be in APA format and use subheadings. You need to include a minimum of Six scholarly sources (no blogs, no Wikipedia), and three must be peer-reviewed sources. Your scholarly activity must be at least six pages in length, not counting the title page and references page. APA format is required.